Kids Can Change The World

"All Kids Can Change The World. We Just Need To Work Together And Believe We Can Do Great Things." Bria

Kids are changing the world and that makes me super excited!

Every time I hear about kids who are doing their part I like to share their story so that way they know how BIG their actions really are. I also like to send them prizes too because Kids Who Are Changing The World are AWESOME!

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“If someone is lonely they can go sit on the bench and others know to go up and ask them to play”

Sammie liked that idea of recycling and decided that would be a great way to get the community involved and would also cost a lot less than a new bench.

Recently she was a guest on the Today Show where Walgreen’s announced all 150 Indiana Walgreen’s stores would collect their stock caps for her all summer! They collected 15,000 lbs! Enough for 75 Buddy Benches that were spread through Indiana!

The project continues to grow as more people are collecting caps and wanting to do this in their own community all over the country and world.

Her website is

Facebook: Sammie’s Buddy Bench Project
Instagram: sammiesbuddybenchproject
Twitter: @sammiebenches



Violet Humble Raises Thousands to Help the Homeless
This pint sized kid hero has struggled with chronic immune and heart conditions since birth but that hasn’t stopped her from volunteering, fundraising and starting her own organization to help the homeless. She’s raised and donated thousands to charities, sponsored meals for the homeless and donated countless pounds of food, toiletries and other necessities to those in need. #kidsCanChangeTheWorld just watch her here!



 Leila of Texas is know as 'Lelia the Pet Vet' for her enormous love for animals and her passion to make change. She has created a coloring book that supports her local Humane Society and she is an active YouTuber that shares important facts about some really important animals. Lelia doesn't let her age get in the way, she is ready to make change and that is why she is recognized in #kidsCanChangeTheWorld Congratulations on your success and the world's animals need your loving voice! Learn more about her journey here.


"We were inspired to create Bennett Brothers Balm when our friend Timmy was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in May of 2016. We couldn't believe that someone so young, active and healthy could have cancer. It seemed impossible. We knew right away that we wanted to do something to help him feel better and also raise money for cancer research. We learned that cancer patients' lips and skin can get very dry from chemo treatments, so we decided that making and selling a lip balm would be a great idea! Bennett Brothers Balm is a line of all-natural, chemical-free, vegan, lip & body balm products made with LOVE in Malden, MA. 100% of our profits are donated to cancer research."

Learn more About these AMAZING kids here!



Ryleigh wanted to help the animals of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Through her school and community , she collected food, bedding, leashes, toys... for both dogs and cats. All of it went down to “Big Dog Ranch “ in Florida. She has also recently started making cat and dog treats to raise funds for my local shelter. This summer she had the best time volunteering for a farm animal rescue farm , for abandoned and abused farm animal. “Billy’s New Hope Farms”




Justin's Save the Frogs Project:
A first grader's attempt to save the frogs and the  environment too.

"My name is Justin. I am in first grade and I know a lot about frogs. There are over 4,000 different types of frogs that live around the world. Scientists are shocked that so many frogs are dying. People are destroying their homes and pollution and pesticides make them sick. I created Justin’s Save the Frogs Project so I could help the frogs and the planet too."

Way to Go Justin!!!! #KidsCanChangeTheWorld 2018



Meet Matty and Will, they are doing Amazing things for the Blue-Footed Booby! They created their own foundation to raise money for these adorable Galapagos Birds. They sell Blue Socks with proceeds going to fund conservation, research and support for this wildly entertaining Blue-footed friend! Congratulations on all of your hard work! You guys are Awesome!! #KidsCanChangeTheWorld




Destiny and Alexzander of Iowa are making a Big impact for Shelter Pets in their area. With the clever and creative idea to paint cups and make baked goods and then sell / trade them, they are over their half way fundraising goal of $500!! Wow! Plus they have donated 3lg bags of dog food,1sm bag of dog food, 2 bags of cat food and 5 bags of cat treats. Way to go! You two are #KidsCanChangeTheWorld!



Meet Evie, a 9 year old who inspired others by dressing up like Dr. Jane Goodall. She raised over $900 and was featured on (POTM) the Roots and Shoots website! She didn't just dress up, she chose to care and make a positive difference. That is why we are celebrating her! She is #KidsCanChangeTheWorld !!



Meet 10-year-old Karlee Albertson. For 4 years, Karlee has been painting nails to raise money to adopt families in need at Christmas. At just 7 years old, Karlee decided she wanted to do something to help those at Christmas that needed a little extra help. So that is when she started painting nails for a cause,.. Karlee's Cause! So far this year, she has raised $6328 and over the last 4 years she has raised a total of $14,152, and provided Christmas presents for 127 people.  Karlee’s dream would be that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE has a gift under the Christmas tree. Karlee, you are so amazing!! You are  changing the world for many families and we are so proud to know you!




Meet Camryn. A 9 year old who is using her love for wildlife and artistic talents to change the world for animals! Way to go Camryn! We love to share about #KidsChangingTheWorld If you know of a kid who is doing good and making a difference let us know! "I Love your snow leopard Camryn, it is so cool!" Bria




Our friends over at Parkes Public School in Australia sent a lovely story book with Original paintings by a classroom of talented 2nd graders! Their book was inspired by Bria!"Wow, thank you so much! I love your book. You all did such an amazing job! Keep sharing about the animals and working together and then we all will be able to save them." Bria
...Thank you Mrs. Ruckley for your passion in education! Because of you, we will be giving away 10 coloring story books in hopes to spread awareness and inspire more classrooms and teachers to get on board to save all species. The first 10 teachers to leave a comment on this post will be sent the coloring book for free! Share the passion and save all species!
#FacesofTheEndangered #SaveAllSpecies



Meet Harrison, he wants to save the animals too! He got to visit our favorite people at the International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW​ HQ. They shared Bria's story with him and he was inspired to color the animals to a better future. Great Job Harrison!! We love your Giant Panda and think you are doing great things! Did you know the panda is no longer endangered? Due to population increase and conservation, their status has changed to vulnerable, which is fantastic!!
"The Giant Panda lives in the cold mountains of China in the bamboo forest.  99% of the Giant Panda's diet is bamboo shoots.
It is close to being extinct, because most of the bamboo forests it lives in are being destroyed to build new houses and cities.
What can we do to help the Giant Panda ?
Breeding programs, and replanting bamboo forests can help this bear survive." ~Harrison
#KidsChangingTheWorld #KidsPaintingTheWorld  
Madi,9 from FL saw Bria's page and got inspired to do what Bria is doing; painting to save animals. Madi is so excited because she sold her 1st painting and sent half of her money to Bria to put towards her fundraising efforts. Madi, you are an inspiration and you are making a BIG difference for animals! Thank you Madi!!!
If you or someone you know are inspired and want to help Bria's fundraising efforts you can donate funds to the International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW​ in Bria's name!
Thank you for the continued support and keep on painting love all over the world!?Bria
#facesoftheendangered #KidsChangingTheWorld #KidsPaintingTheWorld


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